Why should your clients constantly clean their lashes?

We've all been there before. A client comes back for a touch up and tells you that their eyes have been feeling irritated and itchy. You take a closer look and realize there's debris all along their lash line. You then ask her if she's cleansed her lashes, and she says no. 

This happens often when we don't explain the importance of cleansing to our clients. It's vital that your clients understand the importance of regular cleansing. Take your time to explain exactly how to regularly cleanse the lash extensions. Regular cleansing helps the natural growth of the lash cycle. Because the client didn't regularly cleanse, they experienced irritation. Remember that your clients will come back to you if they know you're keeping their lashes clean and healthy. 

I recommend having extra lash shampoos with you at all times that you can sell to your new clients that may not have one. Regular cleansing makes the customer happier and your job easier! Happy lashing!